Mulch is an important part of plant health. A healthy layer of mulch on top of the soil can help to retain moisture and nutrients, while minimizing weed intrusion. To many homeowners, mulch is also an aesthetic part of the overall look of the home. It helps make the plants chosen for their specific spot really stand out!

LawnValue delivers and spreads a variety or mulch types and colors. We also provide pine straw and gravel as a beautiful alternative. Just let us know what you prefer and you will be  taken care of!

All LawnValue mulching services include tree/shrub trimming, weeding, and edging around your beds!

Our mulching service is a great way to provide a big impact on the look of your home without breaking the bank. Most of these services are turned around within a couple of hours, and the transformation is amazing!

Most home owners prefer to have their mulch beds cleaned up in the Spring and the Fall. Let us know today what you prefer and we'll get you on our schedule!
Whether it be for your garden, yard, or for a playground, LawnValue can complete a complete and thorough mulching service for you!